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Section Manager Newsletter December 2017

 Silent Keys. With great sadness, I report:  Don Strodtman, NJ5X.  

 2017 Field Day:

First, I would like to congratulate David Norris, K5UZ, our Delta Division Manager, and the Batesville ARC / Brock Mtn Contest Group, for placing third place in the nation under Category 2A.

In Louisiana, first place went to Randy Fulco, K5SL, who operated portable, by himself,.  Second place went to the Central Louisiana Amateur Radio Club / KC5ZJY, under N5I, and third place went to the Jefferson Amateur Radio Club, W5GAD.


Skywarn Recognition Day:

John Mark Robertson, K5JMR (Louisiana SEC), Brent Ingvardson, W5GAS (Region 7 DEC) and several other hams activated the Shreveport National Weather Service office.


Grinch Steals Santa from Baton Rouge ham:

MARS Interoperability Exercise:  

On Nov 4, Army MARS held an interoperability exercise. The primary mode of communication was 60m SSB. Several local ham also received a height power broadcast from Fort Huachuca on 13 MHz

Want to participate in the next time -  check your radio and make sure you can operate on the 60m band.  Need advice? Let me know and I’ll forward your questions to our state technical staff.  

Monroe Area Ham Count Up by Four:

Joe Holland, KB5VJY, EC for Region 8, reports that four persons have passed their Technician Class test:  Branden Jennings, John Mullican and Sonni Robertson and Billy Simmons.  

Thanks to Joe and his group up in Monroe for making it happen.

The Northeast Louisiana group held a special event station in November at the Military Museum in Monroe:

ARES Digital HF Net:

Many of our served agencies primarily use Winlink for their digital communication in the HF and VHF/UHF bands. While Winlink is a great tool, FLDIGI/FLMSG is another great tool to have in your tool box for EmComm. If any of you need another station to practice your digital modes please contact Glen, KF5FNP and he or a designee will try to arrange for another station to be on frequency to assist you.

Until further notice the Sunday Night LA ARES FLDIGI net is terminated. Thanks to everyone that made the net possible over the past few years.


The Greater New Orleans Hamfest was a great time, highlighted by the ARRL/ARES FORUM.  Thanks to David Norris and Ed Hudgens for coming to share Delta Division news.  Also thanks to Scott and Matt for LA Section updates and news.

Mike McCrary  and I attended the November meeting of the Baton Rouge Amateur Radio Club and gave a D-star Demo and as always putting a nice spin on ARES and emergency communications. We even made the Baton Rouge Advocate.

Skywarn Recognition Day begins Dec. 1st thru Dec. 2nd.  Several of the NWS Offices will host events manned by LA Section ARES members.  More on that next month.

As always you can keep up with ARRL and ARES news on facebook; so those of you that do that please look at the groups and pages.....….

73 from John Mark Robertson, K5JMR


***MARA Annual Christmas Hamfest ***

Location: Minden Civic Center, 520 Broadway Street Minden, LA 71055

Sponsor: Minden Amateur Radio Association Type: ARRL Hamfest
Talk-In: 147.300 (PL 186.2)
Public Contact: Mary 'Fran' Sullivan , KD5LKB

Phone: 318-918-9353     Email: